Sacha Horsthuis, 27, is Director of Cycle 360 which is a unique and exciting venue in the Isle of Man where cycling, fitness and cafe culture meet under one roof. Sacha will be taking part in our panel session, ‘Work Smarter’, which looks at the growing trend for flexible working and entrepreneurship in our young professionals.

Tell us about yourself!

Working with exciting, brave and confident companies that recognise the power of brands, has always been something that really excites me.

I moved to the Isle of Man after finishing University in 2014 and got my first job was as Marketing Communications Assistant for a global law firm. Since then, I’ve become the co-founder of a business and alongside my husband, we’ve established a recognisable brand that attracts hundreds of visitors daily. My main passion lies in all areas of marketing functions including communications and PR, copy-writing, advertising, campaign design, branding, business development and event management.

I’ve learnt that by working above and beyond your job description and importantly, networking and building relationships as well as always learning from everyone around you, is invaluable and will open doors in the future.

Why did you decide to work in the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man has provided me with the best platform to become entrepreneurial, all while allowing me to still prioritise time with family, friends and my favourite hobbies. You get the best of both worlds as I still see all my friends from school and university in the UK on weekends with most of them just a short flight or boat journey away.


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